Boo Radley as Frankenstein

boo Radley shadowboo Radley carrying Jemwatercolor of boo Radley carrying Jempencil drawing of boo Radley carrying Jem

I watched To Kill a Mockingbird, ’cause I know it’s your favorite movie. Still putting those energies out there.

I hadn’t before noticed the theme of Boo Radley as Frankenstein, in which the monster is less monstrous than some of those around him.

Edit: I’ve gotten a lot of “Well, duh”s and “Mr. Arthur Radley was not a monster at all.” Okay, I get it.

As Mr. Peck would say, he was a study in acting.
[I know: unrelated. Character / Actor. I get it. <– Thinking emptively; I have to do that before I can get ahead of it]

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