You Won’t Believe It

Trillium patch

Lily of the valley

Cady! You won’t believe it!

I drove down to David’s house.



His new wife and kid weren’t there.

But David was.



He wanted to be sure I showed you how big the trillium and lily of the valley patches have gotten. And look! They were both in bloom. He was thrilled that I was there to see it– like a connection to you or something.

Or something.

He took me into the house and showed me the stain on the ceiling. He left it there on purpose.

And he wanted me to tell you that he does come home now, to the wife and kid. He remembers your talk. Thinks about it all the time. Like every time he wants to stray. Like all the time. But he doesn’t. He wanted me to tell you that.

So now I have. I hope you read this someday. Maybe you’re reading it now– well, not NOW; I haven’t published it yet. But soon now. And if you are, dammit: CALL ME! EMAIL ME!

Edit: Oh! And David saw our signs!!
But they took ’em down pretty quick, he said.

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