CADY! Your book:

Chrome Cady: A Quote Woman on the Run

It’s published! Done! Out there! I’ve shipped copies.

How about that subtitle, eh?

Listen to the quiet voices: Hear the energies I’m sending out to you.

Please contact me.

Or at least enjoy all the quotations in the book.

So Close

orange clouds


I don’t know if you’re paying any attention at all. I don’t know if you even care any more.

But I care.

Your book is so close to being finished. It’s being reviewed. I don’t think I have any more changes to make (can you believe it?). Get it reviewed. Look over the proof. Publish. Done.

I wrote it to send the good energies out to you, and draw you back to me or me to you.

I hope it works.

Chrome Cady Written, Pretty Much

dramatic clouds

Your book, Chrome Cady, is pretty much written. The last time I read it over, it made me cry, mainly because I can’t imagine how you’re getting through this alone. I’m hoping you’re not alone, that you have good people around you.

You don’t have to read the book, but I wanted you to know what happened.

All the permission requests for the gazillion quotes are submitted; I’m still waiting on a lot of replies, but many generous people have kindly granted their permission.

Call me! Contact me somehow.

Redundancy isn’t so bad . . .

Drop Folios on Chapter Openers

chapter opener with drop folio

Book Designers of the World: Look at that page pictured above. See that thing at the bottom, the number there: That’s called a drop folio. It’s not usually highlighted and boxed like that, but I wanted to draw your attention to it.

It’s just as easy to add to a template as adding the page number to a running head, and it fills itself in with the page number (just like a running head page number!) in page layout software.

So why not use it? Why are so many books being published with no page number on the chapter opening page?

The table of contents points to each chapter opening page—points to pages that have no page numbers. Who came up with that brilliant design?


reflections on water

With the permission requests, at least. That is, they’re all out there.

Thank you so much to all the people who are working on my requests. Thank you especially to all the kind people who have granted requests.

Back to being distracted by life . . .

Chrome Cady

sparkles on water

Chrome Cady

That’s the title of your book, Cades. For obvious reasons. At least I hope they’re obvious. And now the cat is out of the bag. (Is it Schrödinger’s cat?)

For the masses who are not in my gang: I chrome the things I love.

Now the cat’s really out of the bag . . .