Muck Up!

gray clouds

Oh Cady, I can muck up the simplest things. Cause trouble for other folks that I don’t mean to.

DUH! Don’t have to tell you that <facepalm>

Where are you?

I know. I got it coming.
I go away. You should get to go away, too.


<another facepalm> DOUBLE DUH! Don’t have to tell you about sorrow… How can you do it alone?

You don’t have to

Your Book!

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Hope you’re doing well. Miss you like crazy, so I wrote a book to put the energy out there to get you back. Of course, it’s loaded with quotations, so I’m in the midst of requesting permissions to use them all. A lot of nice people have extra work ’cause of me.

The book—your book—should be out by the end of the year.

But you don’t have to read it! Just call me.