The Right Way to Link to an Amazon Book

Front cover to my book, Chrome Cady: A Quote Woman on the Run

So, you’ve finished your book. I mean FINISHED: You’ve got it on Amazon and are ready to send links to the world.

So you go to Amazon, do a search for your book, and copy the URL:

Wowsers! That’s a heck of a link.

Wowsers, no it’s not: It’s a bad link for you to post because it actually contains too much information, referencing your own search. So look for the 10-digit book number followed by a slash

and cut off everything after it:

There’s the link you want to put out there. Go for it!

Chrome Cady: A Quote Woman on the Run


Bless My Anger

Dark reflections on water

[Edit: People have been telling me that it sounds like I’m actually saying my blessings out loud. No: It’s all in my head. Everything is in my head. You are in my head.]

My name is Jimbeaux and I have anger issues.

Primarily at myself. Especially over the past year. Since I screwed up so bad. And lost my best friend. Friends.


Anyway: This site is called Blessings for a reason. Blessings are my weapon against my anger.

’Cause you can’t use anger against anger: it’s sort of like fighting fire with gasoline. You can’t use any sort of push muscles against anger, ’cause it just pushes back.

So I try to bless my anger.

Usually my blessings start out sounding more like cusses: Bless my goddamn m-f’ing black heart and all the worms within. But the more blessed cusses I spit out, the less cussy they become, and I get to the point of managing something almost on the nice side: Bless my stupid self so that I may become less stupid.

It works.

It works especially well against other people. If someone is pissing me off, I start throwing blessings at him: Bless him for his ever so meticulous way of wasting my time. Again, the more blessings I spit out, the sort of nicer they become. Certainly nicer than directly cussing him out.

Tonglen is another nice practice for dealing with negative energies. You breathe in negative energies, filtering them through your own self, so that when you breathe out, they’re positive energies.

May you have a better day for having read this.


CADY! Your book:

Chrome Cady: A Quote Woman on the Run

It’s published! Done! Out there! I’ve shipped copies.

How about that subtitle, eh?

Listen to the quiet voices: Hear the energies I’m sending out to you.

Please contact me.

Or at least enjoy all the quotations in the book.

So Close

orange clouds


I don’t know if you’re paying any attention at all. I don’t know if you even care any more.

But I care.

Your book is so close to being finished. It’s being reviewed. I don’t think I have any more changes to make (can you believe it?). Get it reviewed. Look over the proof. Publish. Done.

I wrote it to send the good energies out to you, and draw you back to me or me to you.

I hope it works.

Chrome Cady Written, Pretty Much

dramatic clouds

Your book, Chrome Cady, is pretty much written. The last time I read it over, it made me cry, mainly because I can’t imagine how you’re getting through this alone. I’m hoping you’re not alone, that you have good people around you.

You don’t have to read the book, but I wanted you to know what happened.

All the permission requests for the gazillion quotes are submitted; I’m still waiting on a lot of replies, but many generous people have kindly granted their permission.

Call me! Contact me somehow.

Redundancy isn’t so bad . . .

Drop Folios on Chapter Openers

chapter opener with drop folio

Book Designers of the World: Look at that page pictured above. See that thing at the bottom, the number there: That’s called a drop folio. It’s not usually highlighted and boxed like that, but I wanted to draw your attention to it.

It’s just as easy to add to a template as adding the page number to a running head, and it fills itself in with the page number (just like a running head page number!) in page layout software.

So why not use it? Why are so many books being published with no page number on the chapter opening page?

The table of contents points to each chapter opening page—points to pages that have no page numbers. Who came up with that brilliant design?


reflections on water

With the permission requests, at least. That is, they’re all out there.

Thank you so much to all the people who are working on my requests. Thank you especially to all the kind people who have granted requests.

Back to being distracted by life . . .